About Us

Slipcovers Plus Home Décor is a full-service residential custom home decor business inclusive to custom slipcovers, custom upholstery, custom window treatments as well as custom cushions & pillows. 

Jessica Crawford has owned & operated Slipcovers Plus Home Décor since 1993, catering to the Michigan's interior design trade along with a vast retail following.

With an eye for design and attention to detail, Jessica creates and crafts everything to your exact specifications to fit your personal tastes and functional lifestyle.  Jessica oversees each client’s custom project with extreme care and supervises the complete fabrication to installation process.

How Placing Orders Works:

Please allow up to 72 weekday hours to receive a response, for an accurate quote.  We require a picture and  measurements of each item that is to be fabricated via email: jessica@slipcoversplus.com This process will require some collaborative communication to discuss specifics to determine the final projected quote. If there are any questions or concerns we may connect via phone or email.

PLEASE DO NOT TEXT until we’ve determined to move forward. ONLY then we may communicate via text if capacity is available.

There are a list of fabric companies on my website: www.slipcoversplus.com under the “Fabrics” tab. Once there, just click and you’ll be able to search for fabrics, trims and other accessory items. If you find an item that you would like to see in person, I can order samples for you.  You may also select your own fabric from other sources you desire.

All Custom material orders require the total to be paid in full prior to ordering.

Once you’ve made a final selection and want to place an order, your total fabric/hardware or any other materials needed require the balance must be paid in full prior to your order being processed.  If custom fabrication is required, 50% deposit for the labor cost must paid before fabrication begins.

The balance of your project will be due upon final delivery/pickup or at the time of installation.


Once the fabric has been received and an appointment time is established, I will come to where your furniture is to create a pattern of the furniture to be recovered.  This step usually requires a 1-2 hour window of time, depending how many pieces of furniture are being done at one time.  I bring the pattern and fabric back to my workroom where the fabrication process begins.  If it is a small piece of furniture, I may pick it up then deliver upon completion. Your finished project requires approx. 6-8 weeks, depending on the season.


Once the fabric has been received and an appointment time is established, we will come and pick your furniture up.  Upon completion of your furniture we will set up another time for delivery. Your finished project requires approx. 6-8 weeks, depending on the season.


We charge a consultation fee of $75.00 should you need help in establishing fabrics, trims, hardware, etc. Once an order is placed this fee can be absorbed within the cost of materials needed to complete your project.


We charge mileage for distances beyond 10 miles outside the Grand Rapids area at $2.00 per mile.


50% All Labor Deposits due prior to fabrication; All Custom Fabric/Hardware/Materials orders must be paid in full prior to ordering. We accept Cash/Check/Charge via Square~PayPal~Venmo

Balances are due upon pickup/delivery. Balances not paid will accrue a 10% charge every 30 days from the date of invoice until payment is made in full. We accept cash/checks/charge via Square/Pay Pal/Venmo.