Why Refurbish Your Furniture vs Buying New?

Whether you're considering to slipcover or reupholster your furniture, below are some relevant and valid reasons you need to think about before you make your final decision.

Evaluate your furniture

  1. Does it have good bones? Meaning, is it structurally sound? Is everything still intact? Not all furniture is not created equal, they don't make furniture the way they used to.
  2. Does your furniture mean anything to you? - Is it sentimental, a family heirloom, a first piece of furniture with memories, etc?
  3. Does your furniture work in your space? Everyone's situation is different. Many new pieces may not fit the way your current furniture does.
  4. Is your furniture broken in, comfortable and inviting the way you like it?
  5. What is the goal for making the change?
    1. Are you looking to freshen up an old tired look? You can do this by selecting a new fabric and having it applied to the look that fits for you. You can accomplish this by either a Slipcover or Upholstery.
    2. Are you looking to save a piece of furniture or fabric that is currently on your furniture, or are you looking to change for the seasons? Slipcovers are perfect for this reason.
  6. The ultimate question: Do you really want to send another item to the landfill? If you should decide to get new, please find someone or company (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.) who will find this item to be their treasure.
  7. Finally, what is your budget? Whether your decision is to slipcover or reupholster, the cost is comparable to each other. Depending on your budget, for a good custom slipcover and upholstery will also be comparable to buying something new.